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Jason Sudekis is the internet’s most wanted after his cameo with Baby Yoda in ‘The Mandalorian’

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead

After the final episode of “The Mandalorian” was added to Disney+ over the weekend, Jason Sudeikis’ comedy alma mater, “The Second City”, took to Twitter to apologize for its alum’s behavior in the show.

Confused? Let me explain what happened.


There are things we all know as right and wrong. Don’t touch a hot stove, don’t run with scissors, and most importantly don’t mess with Baby Yoda. This is the way.

Fans were angered Friday after the season finale featured our favorite green “baby” turned punching bag.

The episode featured two surprise cameos: Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally as a couple of impatient bike scout troopers.

The pair known for comedic acting had some hilarious moments during the opening scene. From constantly missing their targets to arguing back-and-forth about getting to look at Baby Yoda. Of course, all good things must end. Our new favorite scene took a dark turn when the troopers crossed a line the internet can never forgive.

In the opening scene of the first-season finale, Baby Yoda has been snatched by Sudeikis and Pally. While their faces are hidden behind trooper armor, you can clearly tell neither of them is too fond of the little guy. While the troopers wait for authorization to continue their mission, both of them punch Baby Yoda -- yes you read that correctly.

Sudeikis slugs the child to keep him quiet. Even worse, Pally throws a punch after he pokes the little alien and gets his finger bitten. Serves him right.

Do not self-destruct. Baby Yoda lives to sip soup, eat frogs and steal our hearts for another day while the troopers got what they deserved.

After the episode, the internet erupted in a hail storm of mean and hilarious tweets directed at the actors. Some joked that the actors should be canceled after the actions of their characters.

Here are some of our favorite tweets.

However, things aren’t all bad for the two troopers, some fans were thrilled to see the two comedians make an appearance in the season finale.

While the deeds the two performed will be ingrained in our memories forever -- or at least until the new season starts, we still can’t get over how cute Baby Yoda was in the final episode.


Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” is expected to premiere in the fall of 2020. As for Sudekis, he may never get to live this scene down.


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