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Viral smackdown inspires internet to create Twisted Tea memes

Even Dave Matthews is being dragged into the phenomenon

Twas the night before Christmas and the Twisted Tea was packed, the world would soon laugh at a man that got smacked.

If you haven’t fallen victim to a lot more Twisted Tea content in the last week, you’re either lucky or missing out. Thanks to a smack seen around the world, the hard ice tea beverage is now a meme.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about let us explain how the Twisted Tea video came to be.

The video was recorded while two men got into a confrontation inside a Circle K gas station in Elyria, Ohio on Christmas Eve.

In the video, a white customer uses racial slurs multiple times while yelling at a Black customer in the line behind him.

“What? You gonna smack me with that?” the white man asked after seeing the man drop a can of Twisted Tea. “Smack me. Smack me, (n-word)!”

Well, the man got exactly what he asked for.

Warning, the video below uses excessive explicit language. View discretion is advised.

Barry Allen, nicknamed “Mr. TeaKO”, told Mark One Sports that the customer was already hurling profanities at workers in the Circle K when he walked in.

The police were never called to the Circle K after the fight and no charges have been filed according to local news affiliates. Local authorities are aware of the incident but said no one called to report it.

Commenters on the video hope that no legal intervention comes, most feel that justice was served on the spot.

Following the event, the internet went crazy and started sharing the video.

Allen, a married, father of five said the clip went viral before he even got home.

It didn’t take long before users started dishing out memes and videos about the beverage. We should mention the memes focus less on the man who took a can to the face and instead focus on the idea of using a can of Twisted Tea as a means for defense.

Here are some creative memes that caught our eye.


Baby Yoda wasn't about to let his meme days come to an end.

Of course, we saved the best for last. Hopefully you’re a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. Enjoy.


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