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5 insider ‘Easter eggs’ you’ll want to find inside ‘Star Wars’: Galaxy’s Edge

One is particularly rich in Disney theme park history

We are less than a week away from the opening of another Batuu.

"Star Wars": Galaxy's Edge is set to open Thursday in Orlando. As fans wait for the official launch, we thought we would let you in on some insider secrets that you'll want to know before you travel to a galaxy far, far away.

You might have heard about the hidden Mickeys, but what about a hidden Millennium Falcon? Yes, we mean the very ship that made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. As you look around Batuu, you won't find any mouse silhouettes, but instead, look for the hidden Falcon, which is strategically placed on its larger counterpart.

Need a hint? Head over to this Instagram account for a clue on where to find the miniature ship.


Planning on riding Smugglers Run? While inside the Falcon, look around the waiting area. You'll see cargo crates as well as nests made by those pesky porgs. Along the back wall, you'll also see a keypad with a large red button on it. For once, we want you to press the large red button.

Randomly and without warning, the lights in the cabin will flash and the mechanics will begin to malfunction.

In order to stop it, you must find this red button and press it. Impress your galactic crew by fixing the problem without any hesitation.


As you walk through the marketplace, past all the shops and vendors, you'll pass three speeder bikes hanging on a wall. Take note of the green speeder in the middle. This bike carries a lot of Disney history with it, so much that this bike has spent its entire life inside Disney's Hollywood Studios.

As you look around the speeder, you'll find the letters "LMA" inscribed on the green paint. What does that stand for? Lights, Motors, Action -- yes, the retired stunt show that used to call Hollywood Studios home.

According to Disney insiders, this bike was created using parts from that attraction. Talk about recycling.


One last Easter egg to keep an eye out for is inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities. As you oooh and ahh at the many items for sale, keep an eye out for a large gold chest from another George Lucas film.

This chest, if opened, would release hundreds of screaming apparitions on Nazis standing nearby. Yes, it's the Ark of the Covenant from “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.” If you want to find this rare artifact, look up once you're inside.

I'll let you in on one more. Outside of Dok Ondar's you'll see a large foot sitting on top of a crate. This foot used to belong to the mummy inside The Great Movie Ride. You might be asking yourself: Where is the other? Well, the other foot went to Disneyland to sit outside of their Den of Antiquities.


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