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Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, I’m Tom. 


I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan about two hours North of Detroit. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m not surprised.


The only thing we’re known for is having the largest bean elevator in the world, which, before it closed, was illuminated by a neon green rabbit high in the sky. 


After obtaining my Associates Degree in Electronic Media, I continued my education at Saginaw Valley State University in Communication and Professional writing. 


While doing so, I quickly began the 9 to 5 lifestyle at our NBC and FOX affiliates as a photographer editor. There’s nothing better than diving right into the fire, and I was able to cover huge topics like the 2016 presidential election, the Flint Water Crisis and March Madness. 


By now, I’ve lived in Michigan for 24 years. That’s 24 winters, which was more than enough for me. I switched gears and was offered a summer position with CBS Interactive in Fort Lauderdale, cutting highlights, writing scripts and posting content to their social channels and website. After a few months, I hopped on a plane back home where the negative windchills, feet of snow and the Beans rabbit were ready to welcome me. 


As graduation quickly approached, I wanted to explore a more writing-intensive opportunity as a digital producer with Graham Media Group in Detroit. Here, I wrote content for their seven affiliates across the country on entertainment, travel and my favorite - theme parks. They knew the popularity of Disney related stories and growing up in a ‘Disney family,’ I was more than happy to write them. 


It was my first month on the job and I wrote an article on how much old Disney VHS tapes could be worth – you know, the dozens of VHS tapes that are collecting dust in a box somewhere in everyone’s attic. Safe to say, you can probably understand why it went viral, even in Orlando. 


After the dust settled (no pun intended), the story had totaled over one million page views and more than 500,000 shares on Facebook. Everything picked up from there. 


WKMG News 6 reached out and offered me a remote weekend position, where I successfully grew their social media following and increased traffic to their website, I continued to work for channel 6 throughout my final semester of school and to the end of my internship in Detroit.


From there, WKMG offered me a full-time position on their team and I think I said yes before they could even finish the sentence. I packed up, moved to Orlando in May have been writing news and entertainment content for WKMG and Graham Media Group inside the News 6 station.

During my time with the CBS affiliate, I helped launch a new initiative to bring younger viewers to News 6. This came in the form of a 360-degree newscast. News 6 360 consists of three to four news stories filmed in 360. I am then responsible for editing the footage and making it user-friendly. You can check out News 6 360 by following the link here.

As you can tell, I enjoy covering the theme parks and all things entertainment. However, that's not all I can write. If you would like to see some of the harder news stories I have done, click or tap here.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am now the Social Media and Website Manager at Orlando Venues, where I have the unique privilege of overseeing the online presence of two iconic entertainment destinations: Amway Center and Camping World Stadium. In my role, I not only curate engaging and informative content across various social media platforms but also ensure the seamless operation of their respective websites.

As a dedicated digital storyteller, I take immense pride in my work, striving to keep our followers informed, entertained, and connected to the magic of Amway Center and the vibrancy of Camping World Stadium. I consider myself fortunate to play a role in bringing unforgettable moments to the fingertips of our online community. TO see my work with Orlando Venues, click or tap here.

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