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Dear Disney, please keep these 3 changes when the pandemic is over

The pandemic could be showing us what true efficiency is

As we all know 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. It's been filled with cancelations, new safety guidelines and of course our new fashion accessory.

It's no more obvious than inside Walt Disney World.

From the social distancing markers on the ground to the audio recordings reminding you to wear a face-covering or you'll be removed from the park -- it's very clear that a pandemic is still very present even inside the most magical place on earth.

As top health officials have said, we will get through this and the pandemic will one day come to an end. When that day comes, I hope Disney keeps these precautions in place at the Magic Kingdom when the coronavirus pandemic is behind us.

Keeping the space

We've all been there. Waiting until the Magic Kingdom closes then making a beeline for the express monorail.

The worst part is, everyone had the same idea as you and you realize that it's going to be a while before you make it home.

No matter if it's the express monorail or the resort monorail, the entrance to the station can get crowded -- and we mean crowded.

When the parks reopened over the summer, Disney took social distancing into consideration and created a no standing zone in the middle of the walkway to the station. This area has yellow tape right up the middle of the walkway and keeps guests either on the right or left-hand side of the path.

Why do we hope this stays? It offers families easier access to get out of the line if needed and makes it easier for those who fell behind to catch up with their group. Not to mention it offers a quick route for first responders if someone needed help.

Room to stretch

One of the most iconic scenes in the Haunted Mansion is the stretching room. Everyone remembers getting packed into the octagon-shaped room then funneling out through a small doorway to get onto the ride.

During the pandemic, Disney has done away with the pre-show and instead opted to have the room permanently stretched as guests walkthrough.

This is the perfect definition of efficiency. Having a continuous line that only stops if the ride slows down allows more people to get on in a given time. Having the pre-show means only allowing a certain amount of people inside and leaving the line at a standstill.

Killing the pre-show would mean less waiting and easier access to the Magic Kingdom's ghostly manor. Not to mention you won't have to listen to everyone recite the lines of the ghost host proving that they have been on this ride many times before.

Cavalcades and Promenades

Hear us out on this one. Let's 86 the parades and instead keep the hourly cavalcades. Here's why:

In anticipation of a parade, families crowd the sidewalks and fill in on the curbs making it almost impossible to walk along the shops that line Main Street U.S.A.

If the parades are removed you can forget thousands of people crowding on the sidewalk, sitting on the curb and standing near trash cans. Plus, you'll most likely never fall victim to the family who decides to sit right in front of you, after you had camped out in your spot for hours.

With the cavalcades and promenades, everything is kind of random. Park-goers are never prepared when the floats make their way throughout the park. The only thing that gives it away are the cast members walking ahead of the parade asking everyone to move to the side.

These improvised parades also offer parks like Epcot and Animal Kingdom to partake in the festivities given that there hasn't been a parade inside the two parks in years.

We feel like these adjustments are small and could lead to a better theme park experience.

What are your thoughts? Is there a new safety measure that you think should stay in place?


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