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Bucs fans are taking their love of the team to new heights

On top of a mountain, in an airplane -- what’s next?

Bucs fan Rick Clark took his love of the team to a new height. (Twitter @88RickClark)

One Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan is taking his love for the team to new heights.

Sarasota’s own Rick Clark has been a season ticket member since 2013 and has been a life-long Bucs fan.

Recently he raised his Bucs flag 19,341 feet after summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.

“The #RaiseTheFlags was all about showing your Bucs pride from wherever you were, and I thought what better place to raise it and show my love for my team than halfway around the world at the top of Africa,” Clark told reporters in Tampa.

It took Clark a week to summit the mountain in Tanzania. He told reporters that he kept his Bucs flag in his backpack the entire climb and used a rubber band to attach the flag to his hiking pole.

Well, it wasn’t long before another diehard Bucs fan swooped in and took the flag even higher.

Andy Bain of Fort Myers is currently stationed at MacDill AFB, and let’s just say he had the tools needed to take the flag up to 24,000 feet.

These two have set the bar pretty high but there’s a lot of other options to take it higher -- after all, we are home to the Space Coast.

Super Bowl LV airs on CBS Sunday.


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