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Helicopter pilot shares breathtaking view of Disneyland Resort during coronavirus closure

Some people get to have all the fun

Photo: Micah Muzio

During a time when most Disney amusement parks are closed, people will do anything to get close to the magic.

For most of us, it's probably taking a drive around Disney property or looking at old pictures and videos of past vacations.

But one man in California went a step further and was lucky enough to get a birds-eye view of the Disneyland Resort without pixie dust, magic carpet or a lucky feather.

Disneyland has a temporary flight restriction that restricts pilots from flying anywhere near the park within 3,000 feet. However, Micah Muzio, a pilot in California, was able to gain clearance earlier this month for a quick cruise over the park in Anaheim.

Micah Muzio

"The #1 request for my heli tour videos on YouTube has been a flyover of Disneyland. Well, we made it happen. And yes, it’s awesome!," Muzio wrote on Twitter.

During his flight, Muzio visited much of Orange County which included stops at Angel Stadium, El Dorado Park and Long Beach Airport to name a few.

However, our favorite sight was that of a closed Disneyland park without a single person to be seen.

"Got the Matterhorn, got the Space Mountain -- Star Wars Land -- it's so cool," Muzio said while approaching the theme park.

From 10,000 feet, you can really get a grasp of just how small the theme park is.

"It is so much smaller than you would expect from the ground," Muzio said.

While the view from above is great, I think we can all agree that nothing beats the view from the ground.

How else are you going to smell the ice-cream and churros?

This is not the first time Muzio has flown over popular tourist destinations in Southern California.

In another video, Muzio flew over Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood and other major SoCal landmarks.

To view more of Muzio's videos click or tap here.


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