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Rare albino alligator babies hatch at Wild Florida

Name a cuter animal baby -- we'll wait

What’s small, with sharp teeth and white all over?

Baby albino alligators, of course! We’re sure that was going to be your next guess.

Four adorable little gators hatched Tuesday at Wild Florida.

Officials at the drive-thru safari and alligator park claim this is the first wildlife center in the world to successfully breed albino alligators.

“This is the most incredible thing we have done,” Wild Florida co-owner Sam Haught told Florida Today. “Helping create more excitement, interest and casting a bigger spotlight on all crocodilians is just one of the many pieces that speaks to our mission here at Wild Florida.”

For most tourists, alligators are pictured as ferocious water-dwelling creatures that lurk beneath the water’s surface.

For Floridians, they’re just an extra hazard on the golf course or maybe a lawn ornament you never asked for.

The Wild Florida team is working to develop a more positive attitude toward the prehistoric reptiles.

Their mission is to debunk common myths based on fear and educate the public about alligators through live demonstrations and interactive experiences, Florida Today reports.

The little creatures are about 5 inches long and will stay in protective care for the next few weeks, officials said.

If you’re wondering if they’re boys or girls, you’ll have to wait and find out.

It’s not as simple as looking underneath and finding a noticeable appendage.

Alligators house their sex organs inside their bodies. For newly hatched alligators, the sex organs can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

The reptiles haven’t been named yet, however, the Wild Florida team is hoping to come up with some winter-themed names.

The parents, Snowflake and Blizzard, are both albino as well.

In May, animal caretakers at Wild Florida collected 26 eggs and placed them in an incubator. After 81 days of incubation, the gators hatched.

“These albino babies will definitely inspire our guests,” Haught said. “Our team can’t wait to share these little miracles with everyone.”


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