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Wild Florida closes all experiences except drive-thru safari

The new closures go into effect Monday

Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park in Kenansville has announced at it would be shutting down all of its experiences except one.

“Wild Florida will suspend all airboat tours, animal encounters and admission to its Gator Park starting Monday, March 23,” the company website said.

According to Wild Florida, the drive-thru safari will be the only experience available for families. The safari can be done hands-free and works perfectly for social distancing.

“The drive-thru safari design wasn’t set up to manage this type of crisis, but it’s definitely proving to be a great solution at this point,” Wild Florida told News 6.

The drive-thru safari allows families to experience an awesome adventure without ever leaving the comfort and cleanliness of their own car.

No waiting in lines, no groups to worry about, no parking fuss and no reservations needed. It’s the easiest and cleanest adventure ever.

“If you book online, you can manage the entire experience without ever coming in close contact with another human,” the company added.


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