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Coronavirus blues? These memes, tweets will brighten your day

We could all use a little laughter, right?

Monsters, Inc. (2001) Pixar Animation Studios

Have you ever heard of the saying, laughter is the best medicine?

We all could use a little laughter nowadays. Maybe some of us are cooped up inside with nothing to do. Others may be worried about finding a new job once the coronavirus pandemic passes.

As COVID-19 cases spread to more cities and cause more devastation and heartache, meme accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit have readily cranked out more humorous content seeking light and laughter amid the darkness and uncertainty we now call everyday life.

According to students at Penn State University, when people are able to make light of traumatic events in their life, it is a sign of healing. People have to come to terms with the fact that they are able to be happy again. Laughing makes people feel better and it is one of the few universal things in life.

In a time where we could really use some joy, we’re going to laugh at the one thing that has shaken up our lives so much, the coronavirus.



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