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Disney Parks mobile app gets big overhaul before Galaxy's Edge opening

Galaxy's Edge will be the most technologically advanced land

With Galaxy’s Edge being the largest expansion in Disney history, we think it’s safe to say that as travelers venture through Batuu, there is a high chance for losing your way and becoming lost.

Disneyland released the first glimpse of what the new guide maps are going to look like. This also allowed us to walk around the land virtually. We were able to see the entrances and how to best navigate our way through the 14-acre expansion. 

There are three entrances to Galaxy’s Edge. One is from Fantasyland, another is from Frontierland and the third is from Critter County. Your fastest way to the land will be through Frontierland.

Here is where everything is located:

Map out your journey in order to maximize your experience. You don’t want to be confronted by a stormtrooper and hear, “Move along.”

This land will be the most technologically advanced land Disney Parks has ever created. The land offers guests ways to interact with their surroundings via the Play Disney Parks mobile app.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the first land within a Disney park designed to integrate with the Play Disney Parks mobile app.

The app already allows guests to play in-line games and answer trivia. However this update of the app will be one of the largest additions to the mobile enabled Disney experience.

When guests use the Play Disney Parks app in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge they will be able to transform the app into their very own datapad. 

Using the datapad guests will be able to experience new opportunities and discover different ways to engage with the land such as translating a galactic language or learning what is hidden inside crates and containers.

Your datapad can also allow you to interact with different elements in Galaxy’s Edge such as droids, blinking door panels and antenna arrays.  As the day continues guests are able to engage in a multiplayer game throughout the land called Outpost Control. This game will allow you to show your loyalty as you support either the First Order or the Resistance.

While Disneyland’s version of Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31, the updated app will not be available until Aug. 29 the same time Orlando’s expansion is set to open. 


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