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Disney’s BoardWalk Resort says goodbye to its infamous clown slide -- and we're not complaining

Your word is keister

Photo: Disney

Disney has been taking advantage of the downtime the resort has been experiencing during the pandemic.

One project included a redesign of a popular yet creepy slide at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. That is unless you like clowns.

Photo: Disney

The infamous slide at the Luna Park pool is going from creepy clown face to Disney characters clowning around.

The new slide features artwork from the Mickey animated series that has quickly taken over the parks. Most recently the characters were featured in Mickey's Runaway Railway.

During the renovation, Imagineers quickly found out that keister is a hard word to spell.

The slide dubbed keister coaster was instead named kiester coaster -- proving that everyone makes spelling mistakes. I mean, where would we be without autocorrect?

Imagineer Zach Riddley shared the images of the work being done on his Instagram with the caption “In these sneak peek photos with the updated graphic (that’s kEIster! We triple-checked!)”

Imagineers posted the artwork online but quickly removed it after noticing the blunder.

The resort is currently closed to normal guests while Walt Disney World continues its phased reopening plans.

Photo: Disney

There has been no official word on when the pool will reopen in the future.

You don't need us to tell you how much of an improvement the new design is. While there is undoubtedly some group out there that is sad to see the clown face go, we're definitely happy to see it leave and ready to take a ride on the kEIster coaster.


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