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Disney's Enchanted hatches treasure trove of hidden Disney Easter eggs

These eggs will make any Disnerd squeal with delight

Photo: Disney

It’s no secret that Disney animators hide Easter eggs in their blockbuster hits. These Easter eggs are not colored or hard-boiled but come in the form of nods to past Disney films hidden throughout their movies.

An Easter egg can be Aladdin’s carpet in “Princess and the Frog”, or Mrs. Potts in “Tarzan”. However, did you know Disney animators aren’t the only ones to hide subtle Disney references in their films?

In 2007, Disney introduced us to Giselle from “Enchanted”, who falls in love with a prince then gets whisked away from her fairytale land of Andalasia to a place where no happy endings exist – New York City.

Enchanted holds a treasure trove of Disney related Easter eggs. Some very obvious while others require a trained eye or ear.

We’re going over some of our favorite Easter eggs from Disney’s Enchanted.

Photo: Disney

1. There are many Disney princesses that make cameos in this live-action musical. Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" took on the role of Sam, Robert’s secretary. If you listen closely to the background music when Giselle looks through the fish tank, you’ll hear an instrumental version of “Part of Your World.” Looks like Ariel finally got her human legs.

Photo: Disney

2. Another Disney princess to make an appearance is Pocahontas. While searching for Giselle in Robert’s building, Edward is greeted by a mother with several children. That woman is most notably known for lending her voice to the princess who can paint with all the colors of the wind. It’s Judy Kuhn, the singing voice of Pocahontas.

Photo: Disney

3. There is one last Disney princess cameo to go over. Belle, sans the beast. While flipping through channels in his hotel room, Edward stops on a Soap Opera. The woman in the show is Paige Ohara, the voice of Belle. There is also a moment where the score from "Beauty and the Beast" is played over her.

4. Sticking to "Beauty and the Beast," this one is a little out there, but hear us out. During the ball, when Robert and Giselle share a dance together, the camera sweeps down over a chandelier to focus on the pair falling in love. This scene is from a tale as old as time when Belle and the Beast shared their first dance together.

5. If you think back to Disney’s earliest animated films like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Cinderella", "Pinocchio", "Sleeping Beauty" and the "Sword in the Stone", you know that they usually start with a storybook opening up. This opening marks the beginning of your journey. "Enchanted" paid homage to these Disney classics by beginning their story with an opening book.

Photo: Disney

6. While Giselle is creating her dream prince statue, she grabs two large blue gems and holds them up to her eyes. If you are a fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs then you know this is an exact copy of Dopey, when he has the jewels over his eyes.

7. While Edward searches for his true love in the Big Apple, he comes upon a quaint little Italian Restaurant named Bella Notte. It sounds like a great place to share a bowl of spaghetti.

There are plenty of others like, a dragon, hidden mickeys on Giselle’s dress, poison apples, cleaning animals, and let’s not forget the largest Easter egg, having Julie Andrews narrate the movie!

Next time you stay in for the night and decide to watch "Enchanted" pay close attention, you never know what you’ll see next.


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