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Disney animation shares new 'Frozen' series created by Disney animator quarantined at home

The new shorts will help warm our lonely hearts

Disney Animation is curing coronavirus boredom by debuting a series of weekly shorts staring our favorite “Frozen” snowman.

Disney released “At Home With Olaf,” which will reportedly consist of 20 shorts.

“Frozen” fans seem to love the cartoons almost as much as Olaf loves summer.

Hyrum Osmond animated the shorts, while Josh Gad reprised his role as the voice of Olaf.

Both worked on the project from their homes, Gad revealed on Twitter.

The shorts are creative, fun and help ease your worries and anxieties during the pandemic.

Even if you can’t completely “Let It Go,” the shorts will surely put a smile on your face.

"Fun with Snow"

"Alone in the Forest"







"Hide and Seek"

Disney also released "Frozen 2" three months early on their streaming service Disney+ amid the worsening coronavirus outbreak.

Pixar’s "Onward," was also added to the streaming service after movie theaters were forced to shut their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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