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Cinderella’s Castle is set to receive some much needed TLC

Disney officials said the work should be completed this summer

Photo: Disney Park's Blog

Walt Disney's animated classic "Cinderella" celebrated its 70th anniversary in February and to celebrate the milestone Disney Imagineers announced that Cinderella's castle would be given a makeover this summer.

Disney Imagineers announced last week that the iconic centerpiece of Magic Kingdom would be given a new paint job to commemorate the anniversary.

From the concept art Disney has provided, we can definitely see that the castle will be getting the extra dose of TLC it so deserves.

The new paint job will include gold detailing and fresh blue paint for the towers. This new paint job will make the centerpiece pop on any sunny day.

This new makeover is very similar to the makeover on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland that took place in 2019.

The new colors made the castle much more vibrant and allowed the castle to sparkle in the sun.

Officials said the work should be completed sometime this summer.


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