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Fat Bear Week needs your votes to crown a chubby champion

Be sure to hide your pic-a-nic baskets from these rotund bears

Photo: Katmai Conservancy

If you like your bears big and chunky, then you’re in luck.

Katmai National Park and Preserve have released their runnings for the fattest bear of 2020.

These bears may look overweight but it’s just the opposite. A bear who packs on the pounds is ready to sleep all winter long and live to see the next spring. A rule of thumb is a fat bear is a healthy bear. Too bad that isn’t the same for us humans.

According to the national parks’ Facebook page, the Katmai’s bears of Brooks River will compete in head-to-head matchups in Fat Bear Week’s single-elimination tournament.

“Your votes decide who will wear the mantle of 2020′s Fattest Bear,” the park said.

We all know how important it is to vote — even when it comes to portly bears. You can cast your vote by clicking or tapping here. Voting is open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Your vote will go toward deciding if multi-time champ 480 Otis reclaims his spot on top for one more year or if a plump newcomer claims the top prize.

For those who missed out on their March Madness Bracket and miss the thrill of picking a winner, the park has you covered.

To accompany Fat Bear Week, the park has issued a 2020 Fat Bear Week Bracket for you to fill out.

Remember to visit daily from Wednesday, Sept. 30 through the Championship on Oct. 6.

Voting has already begun so be sure to make your voice heard and vote.

Want to check out the competition for yourself? The park offers multiple live bear cams. You can find them by clicking here.


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