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No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without one of these souvenirs

Disney vacations are the best excuse to splurge

📷 Credit: Disney

Planning a Disney vacation can sometimes be anything but magical.

With four parks, two waterparks, a massive downtown district, and 31 different resorts -- it’s safe to say that you’ll probably need a vacation after planning your Disney getaway.

When it’s your first trip, you’ll likely end up spending a lot -- and you wouldn’t be the first.

From food and snacks, to gifts and souvenirs, your tab can add up quickly during your first visit.

While we can’t help you with the amount you spend, we can lend a hand on what souvenirs you may think about taking home.

Souvenirs will be on every corner, at every stand not to mention in every booth and hotel as well. You won’t be able to throw a handful of pixie dust without hitting a souvenir shop.

So, it’s best to prepare now, that way you aren’t overwhelmed when you step foot inside the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s get shopping.


Mickey or Minnie Ears

Photo: Tom Metevia

Whether they’re for a girl or boy, Disney has created ears for everyone. From the classic black ears to the wildly popular rose gold Minnie ears, no trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a pair on your head. In order to make the gift more sentimental, have them personalized with a name or phrase.

Bubble Wand

These have undoubtedly become the new kid-favorite toy at Walt Disney World. These wands spew out bubbles for everyone – and we mean everyone to enjoy. No matter how old you are, we’re sure you’ve walked behind someone with a bubble wand and popped some of the bubbles. These wands come with a different theme and charter.

1st Visit Celebration Button

This one is super simple and best of all, it’s free. Stop at any resort front desk or shop in the parks and ask if you can get a First Visit pin. The pins can be personalized with a name phrase or anything you have your heart set on. Show off your first pin and let everyone know this is your first visit. You’re sure to get a greeting or two.

Official Disney Mask

The hot ticket fashion item of 2020 will undoubtedly be the face mask. Gone are the days of boring blue and white face coverings that you would normally see at the dentist or doctor’s office. After the pandemic swept through the United States, major fashion retailers and other stores started creating and selling their own face masks.

Disney jumped onto bandwagon quick, and their masks sold out online with days. The masks not only gave fans a new place to show off their love of Disney but also kept those around them safe.

These masks can be found online, inside the parks, or near Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs. Just follow the signs that say face mask line.

If you’re shopping online, each set comes in a pack of four to allow you to change your design throughout the week.

Pins and Lanyards

One of the popular experiences to participate in at Walt Disney World is pin-trading. You may be surprised t see just how popular this has become in the parks. Kids and adults alike can trade pins with each other, with cast members and big-time collectors sitting in the park. This hobby is a great way to keep children engaged and excited during your long days at the park.

To start your pin trading adventure, purchase a few pins and a lanyard form almost any shop at Walt Disney World. You can also get starter packages that include a lanyard and five or six pins. Once you have your goodies ask any cast member or fellow Disney guest if they want to trade pins. It’s as simple as that.


Aside from the gifts listed above, you can spoil the kiddos with plush versions of their favorite characters, an electric monorail set, princess costumes and more -- lots, lots more.

No matter what you pick out, it’s safe to say that the memory of your first Disney trip will prove to be more valuable than any gift you take home.

What was your first Walt Disney World souvenir? Share it in the comments below?


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