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Goats! Disney's Animal Kingdom welcomes its newest safari additions

There's a new herd of animals in town and boy are they cute

Nigerian dwarf goats have taken over the wardens outpost on Kilimanjaro Safaris and guests can now visit them.

If you visited the Harambe Wildlife Reserve recently then you might have heard your guide talking about the new addition coming soon. The only problem was that we had no idea what was coming.

The goats can be seen climbing, playing, exploring and undoubtedly getting themselves into trouble as you approach the edge of the Savannah and pass by their playground.

Disney Imagineers showed off the adorable group on their blog and the pictures have us ready to board our safari truck and get a glimpse for ourselves.

Disney said the goats are originally from Nigeria and can fetch a lot of money because of their high-protein milk.

While you won't be able to hop off the truck and cuddle up with these goats, you can take a ride up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and hang out at the Affection Section where you can get up-close to goats and other animals who are waiting for some lovin'.

Have you seen the goats yet? Were they as cute as their pictures?


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