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Hall of Presidents closed for refurbishment as country welcomes new president

Joe Biden will soon take center stage

It's a common sight at Disney that only happens during the inauguration of a new president.

The Hall of Presidents at Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park closed its doors for refurbishment as the country welcomes its new 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden.

The attraction normally closes around the time of the inauguration of the incoming president and allows workers to make any changes and do a presidential shift.

Disney had not yet confirmed the addition of Biden to the Liberty Square icon, however, a sign in front of the attraction leads us to believe that he is on the way.

When Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2016, his animatronic figure wasn't added to the presidential lineup until December 2017, 11 months after his inauguration.

When the Trump figure was unveiled, crowds immediately mocked its appearance saying it looked nothing like the commander-in-chief.

Rumors about the figure continued, some even went as far as to say that the figure was originally designed as Hillary Clinton and revamped as Trump when he won the election. Of course, there is no evidence to support that claim.

The Hall has seen its fair share of criticism over the past five years. Guests who were not fans of Trump or his predecessor Barack Obama could be heard booing as the figures said their lines.

As a result, security guards have been assigned to the Hall and small, spikes surround the stage.

Do you enjoy visiting the Hall of Presidents? Should it be replaced with something new?


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