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Kevin from Disney-Pixar's 'UP' now meeting guests at Walt Disney World

Looking for an adventure? See if you can find her strolling around the park

Attention Wilderness Explorers! The “Monster of Paradise Falls” now named Kevin has been spotted exploring Animal Kingdom

The large exotic bird made famous by Disney-Pixar’s "UP" has migrated to the Sunshine

State. The 13-foot-tall fowl was first discovered by Charles Muntz, who spent years trying to bring the monster back for all to see. Muntz was unsuccessful when Mr. Fredrickson, Russel, and Dug rescued her and reunited her with her family.

You can find Russel and Dug at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests can visit them on Discovery Island or catch their show “UP! A Great Bird Adventure”  at the Anandapur Theatre where they are discovering new species of birds every day.  

Keep an eye out for Kevin roaming around Discovery Island, and remember, adventure is out there. Caw Caw Roar!



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