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ONLINE POLL: How many passholder magnets should a car have?

Cast your vote in the poll below

Living in Central Florida has its perks. No matter what month it is, the weather is most likely going to be sunny with a chance of rain. There are beaches galore to visit. We also have major theme parks right in our backyard.

If you love visiting the parks, one way to save money is to forget buying daily tickets and invest in an annual pass. When you get your annual pass, you want to show it off, you've reached a new status, but how will people know you're a passholder?

By putting a magnet on the back of your car, of course.

Cars in Central Florida sport their passholder magnets proudly, but how many magnets should you have on your car? Should you fill all available bumper space or stick to just one? 

Let us know what you think.


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