PHOTOS: Disney characters invade Epcot's World Showcase during art festival

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

From hidden Mickey's to the tiny obscure movie reference inside a park, Disney is known for adding extra details in and around its parks.

When it comes tot he perfect location, Epcot is the perfect place to find a little extra magic. As Epcot's International Festival of the Arts kicks off, guests can keep their eyes peeled for some of their favorite characters around World Showcase during the park's Chalk Full of Character scavenger hunt.

Of course, these characters will not always be hiding in plain sight, so look high and low as you walk through each country.

If you're not able to visit the parks right now, let us be your guide around the world and show you what each pavilion is hiding.

If you don't want to hear any spoilers on character locations now would be a good time to go to check out some of our other content.


When you start your world adventure, be sure to keep an eye out for Koda getting a quick bite to eat by a stream.

United Kingdom

The U.K. is chock full of hidden characters from Robin Hood to Peter Pan. Be sure to look up if you want to find Peter Pan's shadow.


In the France Pavilion, guests can find Lumiere shedding some light on the best eats in Paris. If you look closely, you'll also spot Remy and Emile nibbling on some fancy tarts.

That's not all, the trio of kittens from "The Aristocats" can also be seen walking on a ledge above the sidewalk.


You better keep an eye on your valuables as you walk through the markets of the Morocco Pavilion. It's not other guests you have to worry about, but a mischievous primate who's looking for shiny items to steal.


You won't have to look hard to find this. What can we say? It's just Mushu being Mushu.

Keep an eye out for other characters from "Mulan"inside the pavilion. Has someone lost their Little Brother?

United States

As you take the American adventure through the United States Pavilion be sure to look for a little mouse waiting for a lighting storm.

If you you're thinking he's just one of the mice from "Cinderella", you would be wrong. The mouse is in fact Amos from the Disney short titled "Ben and Me".


If you're in the mood for making a wish, look no further than the Italy Pavilion. There, you will find your official conscious Jiminy Cricket waiting to spot the Blue Fairy.


Bored of his time in Corona, Pascal has made his way to Germany to blend in among the festival decorations. The crafty chameleon may be hiding in more than one place, so look carefully.

Refreshment Outpost

Over at the Refreshment Outpost, you can spot the hyenas from "The Lion King". The trio can be seen lounging on top of the straw roof dining on some theme park grub. We're sure anything beats the food at the elephant graveyard.


All the way from Tokyo DisneySea, Duffy and his friend Gelatoni have been spotted getting in the spirit and creating art of their own inside the Japan Pavilion. Is that considered a hidden Mickey?


It may be sunny and warm in the Sunshine State, but that won't stop a handful of Snowgies (yes, that's what they're called) from enjoying the day. You can also spot Grand Pabbie looking for a new mushroom on a nearby grassy area.


If you're looking for a guide to the Land of the Dead, look no further than Dante. While he may not be the brightest alebrije in the bunch, he is no doubt the cutest.

What do you think? Did you spot your favorite chalk character?

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