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POLL: What song from ‘Frozen 2’ is stuck in your head?

Travel into the unknown and vote for your favorite

📷 Credit: Disney

The ‘Let it Go’ phase was one that rocked every family.

Whether your child was screaming it at all hours of the night, or you were forced to play the song on repeat in the car, everyone had an opinion of the song.

Now, six years later with the release of Frozen 2, families are wondering, what song will my child be singing next?

Oscar and Grammy-winning duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez returned to the snowy kingdom to write seven original songs for the sequel. You can love them or hate them for the toe-tapping tunes that will be stuck in your head.

The new movie is set three years after the first film. The new film follows Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven as they embark on a journey far beyond their kingdom of Arendelle in order to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers and save their kingdom after a mysterious voice calls out to Elsa.

Now let’s listen to some music. Below are the songs featured on the movie soundtrack. Out of the seven songs below which have you been playing non-stop?

WARNING: “Frozen 2” spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t watched the movie, you may want to think twice about reading on.


“All Is Found”

Scooch in, cuddle close as the sequel’s prologue takes us back to Anna and Elsa’s childhood. This lullaby, sung by their mother sets the scene for what may lie ahead for the sisters.

“Some Things Never Change”

Changes are happening in the kingdom as our favorite characters grow older and some a little bit wiser. In this opening number Anna, Olaf, Elsa and Kristoff get to share what's challenging them as autumn begins in Arendale.

“Into the Unknown”

One might say this is the new “Let it Go” (but we’ll let you decide). During the night, Elsa hears an unknown voice calling out to her which sets her off on a new adventure. In this duet, Elsa and the unknown voice go from being each other's counterparts to creating a perfect harmony.

“When I Am Older”

Olaf is already on his way to having an internal crisis. Did we mention, he can read now too? He’s growing up so fast. This song takes a different turn where instead of dreaming of summer, the happy-go-lucky snowman finds himself in a dark forest where even the most positive thoughts can be overcome by the chaos that surrounds him.

“Lost in the Woods”

We’ve all been there at one point. Finding out your partner is someone you can’t live without and fearing that you two are growing apart. Kristoff finds himself singing a power ballad about the love of his life, but this time with the help of some reindeer on backup vocals. If you grew up in the 80s or have a love for their music, this song will probably be your favorite.

“Show Yourself”

As the queen of Arendale, Elsa finally begins to understand her backstory and starts to find her place in the world, even if that isn’t inside a palace. While “Let It Go,” the ice queen’s signature hit from the original movie, was about self-acceptance, this song takes a new turn, revolving around self-love.

“The Next Right Thing”

Anna is usually the positive sister, with a bright outlook on any situation. But in this song, the princess has found herself at rock bottom. After losing someone close to her and wondering if she would ever see her sister again, Anna lets her feelings out in this moving solo. This tune is supposed to be a “lesson-learned” Disney song. You know, the one song that’s supposed to actually teach kids a moral lesson? What do you think?


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