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Select rides at Central Florida theme parks return to boarding full capacity

Let's face it, it was only a matter of time

It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the theme parks at reduced capacity. And, while the parks are still not filling all available space inside the parks, they are filling all available seats on select rides.

When Walt Disney World re-opened in July, new safety measures were put into place like social distancing, wearing masks and reduced capacity inside the parks.

For locals, this was heaven on earth. Being able to enjoy the parks with little to no crowds is something we could only dream of before.

Now, with the pandemic not over, theme park officials have begun to fill the empty seats on certain rides.

Attractions like: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Slinky Dog Dash and "Avatar" Flight of Passage would now be filled to full capacity.

Disney said that due to the rides' design, the open seats were able to be filled in order to accommodate more guests at a time and still follow local health guidelines.

"This measured, deliberate approach has allowed us to evaluate and adjust along the way, as circumstances and the recommendations of health authorities and experts evolve," Disney told Travel and Leisure. "Due to these attractions’ designs and additional ventilation, we are now boarding every ride seat."

Disney officials said that the rides are still disinfected throughout the day.

The change in capacity on rides comes after fellow theme parks also upped the capacity on certain sought after rides.

Over at Universal Studios, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and The Incredible Hulk coasters are operating at full capacity and have been since September.

When asked why the seats were being filled, Universal had this to say:

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to be more widely distributed, we're more than likely going to see more changes that revert the theme parks to what they were pre-pandemic.

Even though rides are returning to full capacity it should be noted that guests at both theme parks are still required to undergo temperature screenings before entering the park and must wear a mask while inside.


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