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Taylor Swift hides new album info in 'Me' music video

Singer hints to song titles and new album

It has been a busy week in the world of entertainment. Marvel fans saw the release of the highly anticipated finale to the "Avengers" saga and in music news, Taylor Swift fans were treated to a new single. 

The song titled, "Me" followed a mysterious countdown that Swift posted on social media 13 days before the release. Without any hints, her fans were able to figure out that this countdown was leading up to a brand new single.

After the release of "Me," the pop star took to Twitter to announce that the title of her next single and album were both hidden inside her music video which was released Thursday. The music video is said to be full of easter eggs and Swift has been releasing clues on her Instagram page to help fans find them.

This will be Swift's first album since Reputation which was released in 2017. Watch her video below and see if you can find the hidden Easter eggs. Leave your guesses in the comments below. 


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