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Temperature screening at Walt Disney World? Iger says, it's possible

Disney executives discuss new security measures after COVID-19 pandemic

When Disney theme parks re-open after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, new security measures may be put into place to prevent guests from getting ill.

Officials with The Walt Disney Company said that before entering the park, you may have your temperature taken at the security checkpoint.

Disney executive Bob Iger spoke to Barron's Magazine during an interview regarding the theme parks and what a new normal could like for guests visiting the attractions.

Iger said that temperature screenings are a possibility as it meets health guidelines and helps guests feel safe while inside the resort.

Both Disney parks in North America are closed indefinitely, as the coronavirus pandemic nears its peak.

Parts of Shanghai Disney Resort have re-opened as cases of the virus decrease and lockdowns are lifted.

Park officials in Shanghai say they are already implementing new safety guidelines regarding the health and safety of their guests.

Every guest visiting the resort in China will be required to go through a temperature screening, wear a mask and continue to maintain social distancing while in shops, lines, and restaurants.


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