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The Wonderful Walls of Disney: A trend that was never meant to be

Disney never knew just how famous its walls would be

What is a wall? Something to keep people out? Or a social media trend?

If you visit the Disney theme parks often, you have definitely heard about the #WallsofDisney. These flat slabs of concrete are just as popular as the characters that fill the parks. They have become fan-created icons that Disney never meant to make. While there are new walls surfacing on social media every day, we are going to go over the top five Instagrammable walls and show you where to find them.

Just here to see the walls? Scroll down.

The trend had to start somewhere and it began with the Purple Wall. This wall is so popular it has had drinks named after it, merchandise and its own Instagram account. Chontalle Musson, who lives in New Zealand, created the wall’s account.

"We took a group photo there and everyone was like, 'Oh my god, where is that wall?' It's a nice shade of purple! We kept it a secret for ages and then we thought it would be a hilarious joke if we started an Instagram for it," Musson said.

The wall's Instagram account now has more than 19,000 followers. The account allows users to send in their Purple Wall photos with a chance to be featured.

"The followers came pouring in and we got daily requests to share the location," Musson said. "I didn't think it would get and stay this popular. It's honestly insane and now there are other wall accounts. It's weird that we created this Instagram movement."

Not sure where to start when it comes to checking out the walls? Start with these.

The wall that started it all can be found at Magic Kingdom inside Tomorrowland next to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. You have a choice of design as well -- will you choose the original plain purple wall or the geometric design that was recently added?

Spending the day at Epcot? Looking for a pop of color? You won't want to miss the bright and fun Bubblegum Wall. Located at the exit of Spaceship Earth, shining with hues of pink, blue and fuchsia, this wall can’t help but remind you of the sweet spheres you used to look at inside the gumball machine.

One of the newer walls to be added to the list is the Galaxy Wall. Located in Epcot where Universe of Energy once sat, this wall offers guests an out-of-this-world backdrop. However, this wall is temporary while crews complete construction on the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, so get your photos soon before it's gone.

4. 'You are Most Beautiful' Wall

Who doesn’t need a reminder that they are beautiful? This wall will serve as that reminder. Located inside the Harambe Marketplace at Animal Kingdom, look for this wall on the park-side of a cast-members-only exit. While in the marketplace, you can find multiple wall photo opportunities. Keep an eye out for a wall featuring a painting of Mickey Mouse. Fichwa Fellow!

Venture to Pandora - The World of Avatar, under the floating mountains, across from Satu’li Canteen’s front door is a wall overgrown with foliage. This crumbling wall attracts guests with its luscious shades of green and pops of blue and purple. The exit to Avatar - Flight of Passage offers many great photo backdrops.


There are more than 50 walls on property and more are being added every day. Looking for a challenge? See how many walls you can find. Who knows, you may just create one of your own along the way.

Here are some of the others located across Disney property:

The Candy Stripe Wall—Main Street Confectionery

Blueberry Wall—Spaceship Earth

Rose Gold Wall—Mission: Space

Mosaic Wall—The Land Pavillion

Toothpaste Wall—The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Checkerboard Wall—Toy Story Land

Toy Story Block Wall—Toy Story Land

Popsicle Wall—Toy Story Land

Muppet Wall—Hollywood Studios

Neon Mickey Wall – Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Flower Power Wall – Pop Century Resort


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