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There’s a new kind of therapy for those who hate 2020 and it involves a tank

The best thing about 2020 is that it’s almost over

We think it’s safe to say no matter who you are, 2020 has ticked you off in some way possible. Lucky for us, there is a way to release some of the pent up frustration and it’ll only cost $36.

You’ve heard of rage rooms? Well, this is a new take on the popular trend.

It’s called “Destruction Therapy” and it’s being used in the United Kingdom to help those affected by 2020.

All the anger, rage and frustration that 2020 has put on you can all be let out on cars that were destined to go to the scrap yard.

Dent a fender, shoot out a window, even blow the car up -- the choice is yours. It’s your one chance to get away with something that would normally be a very serious crime.

To make things better, the cars have “2020″ painted on the side to remind you where to focus your frustration.

Destruction therapy will leave you feeling energized but also refreshed and ready to take on the last month of a year that has taken too long to end.

Would you pay for destruction therapy? Who’s opting for the tank?


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