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These tweets about the realistic 'Lion King' film posters will have you laughing at your desk

Do the characters look too realistic?

In just another month or so, fans of the beloved movie "The Lion King" will likely flock to their local theaters to see the new live-action version of the popular Disney film.

This movie is projected to be among the highest-grossing of the year, but it's already drawing some criticism.


While it may be considered "live-action," the movie is, of course, made entirely by computers and animators. As with all of Disney's live-action remakes, animators are trying to make the characters look and feel as real as possible. Well, that goal was definitely achieved with these new posters. 

The posters show realistic animals with the name of the voice actor portraying that character in the upcoming reboot. The characters look like their real-life counterparts, and it's starting to bug a lot of the fans. Some feel as though it isn't very creative. 

All in all, Twitter had some fun with this one, with one person Tweeting:

"I always knew Timon was a meerkat but now that I’ve seen him as an actual meerkat, I’m really confused that he is in fact, a meerkat .. a small, tiny little meerkat also PUMBAA IS THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES."

Check out some of our other favorites below.


Some say it like it is.

One tweet showed us what other popular Disney characters would look like if they got the "Lion King" poster treatment.

Another user compared the posters to a popular magazine for children.

Pumbaa may have been cuddly and cute in the original but may now haunt your dreams after you leave the theater -- that is if you've never seen a warthog before.



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