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This Disney playlist will take any day and make it practically perfect

Everybody get your headphones on

If there’s one thing Disney music does well, it's put us in a great mood.

It doesn’t matter if we’re depressed, angry, or simply just annoyed. Disney tunes have a way of getting us out of the rut we’re in and putting a smile on our face.

Each music provider has a Disney playlist filled with hundreds of songs from every Disney film known to man. But sometimes you find yourself skipping a majority of the songs as you look for something fun.

Having the right playlist is an important task and everyone should have a Disney playlist saved ready to be played at any moment. This playlist must be crafted with great care and understanding of what each song means and the emotions it evokes.

Let us gather the perfect assortment of songs that will cure any mood and give you a Brazzle Dazzle Day, guaranteed.

Pull up a chair, grab your headphones and relax, as we proudly present – your playlist.


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