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This service dog had the cutest reaction when meeting Chewbacca

Video shows heartwarming encounter

A man's best friend is a dog -- can that also be true for a wookie? This golden retriever had a one-on-one with a popular "Star Wars" character during her visit to Walt Disney World.

I spoke to the trainers about the unique encounter.

Sparrow's family is from the United Kingdom and was spending a couple months in the Sunshine State training her at Disney World.

While the group was spending time at Hollywood Studios, they decided to pay a visit to the 7-foot-tall wookie.

Her trainer told News 6 that she is trained to alert her partner when she has any signs of stress, an increase in heart rate or tiredness that can lead to a seizure.

When Sparrow saw Chewbacca, her trainers were able to see her eyes light up and her excitment was growing. After a long day in the park, her owners decided to let her get some free time and say hello and we're so happy they did.

Sparrow's training would normally keep her from interacting with people or wookies. However, this meet and greet was in a private area and Sparrow was specifically released and allowed to say hello.

The curious pup jumped up to greet her new friend. Her tail wagged back and forth. After a memorable meeting the group posed for photos.

After a wave from Chewbacca, the two went their separate ways, making for a great memory for both Sparrow and her trainers. 

Sparrow was trained by Expanding Intellengence, a Central Florida organization. The organization trains dogs for people with psychiatric disabilities.


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