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Trailer for Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ sends us down the Amazon River

Trailer filled with Easter eggs for fans of the attraction

Skippers, rejoice! Walt Disney Studios released the highly-anticipated trailer for "Jungle Cruise" Friday and fans are excited.

The upcoming river adventure centers on a brother played by Jack Whitehall, and sister played by Emily Blunt, who hire a boat captain, Dwayne Johnson, to take them down the Amazon River in search of a tree that is believed to have healing powers.

Well, things don't always go as planned. The pair will compete against a German expedition team along their journey to find the tree.

Johnson and Blunt are no strangers to the Disney movie family. In 2016, Johnson voiced Maui in "Moana," while Blunt portrayed the magical nanny in 2018's, "Mary Poppins Returns."

"Jungle Cruise" is based on one of Disney’s oldest attractions. The original Jungle Cruise ride opened in Disneyland in 1955.

The trailer is stocked full of Easter eggs. Fans of the ride will hear familiar quotes from their favorite skippers as well as see effects and characters that are based on the ride.

Now for the bad news -- "Jungle Cruise" opens July 24, 2020. Watch the full trailer below.

Disney is no stranger to attraction-based movies

"Jungle Cruise" is not the first attraction Disney has used to spark a feature-length movie.In 1997, "Tower of Terror" aired on ABC. The movie depicted a journalist who investigated a 1939 mystery in which five people vanished from a hotel elevator on Halloween. All exterior shots of the hotel were shot inside Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Other movies based on attractions include:

"The Country Bears" in 2002

"The Haunted Mansion" in 2003

"Tomorrowland" in 2015

"Pirates of the Caribbean" from 2003 to 2017


Are you excited for the movie? Which attraction do you think deserves its own movie?


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