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TSA bans Galaxy's Edge-themed Coca-Cola bottles

Bottles resemble thermal detonators from the films

When Disney first announced the new Coca-Cola themed beverages for "Star Wars": Galaxy's Edge, the internet went crazy. People definitely wanted to get their hands on them.

Guests will be able to enjoy these galactic beverages soon -- that is, until it's time to fly home. These bottles have now earned a spot on the No Fly List, so to speak, because of their appearance.

The Transportation Security Administration just announced that the bottles, which resemble thermal detonators, would not be allowed in a carry-on or checked bag.

This news comes one day before "Star Wars": Galaxy's Edge is set to open to the public at Walt Disney World in Orlando. 

When it comes to flying, items that look like replicated explosives are not allowed on planes either in checked bags or inside your carry-on. These replicas can cause confusion for TSA workers at security checkpoints.

The thermal detonator bottles kept their trademark colors like red for Coke, gray for Diet Coke and green for Sprite. The lid is underneath the decorative plastic top and to top it all off, the bottles are wrapped with labels that are written in Aurebesh, the language spoken on Batuu.

If you aren't able to take one home with you, make sure to get a good picture with the well-themed beverages.


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