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Video: Thirsty man climbs under moving big rig hauling wine, drinks from tank

YOLO: This man wanted his wine to go

A man in California took the art of wine tasting to a whole new level.

CBS Sacramento reported that Gabriel Moreno is accused of jumping onto a moving tanker truck that was hauling red wine, climbing underneath it and drinking the wine.

Video cameras on the truck caught Moreno in the act, authorities said.

Video (see below) from CBS Sacramento shows Moreno in a car with its hazard lights on, directing the Cherokee Freight Lines truck to the side of Highway 99.

The truck driver pulls over and sees Moreno hop out in only his underwear. As the truck begins to pull away, Moreno runs and hops aboard the moving tanker, according to officials.

Like something out of a wild wast movie, Moreno rides the side of the tanker like an outlaw on a train. With no shirt or shoes, Morena then climbs under the belly of the truck as it approaches freeway speeds.

The driver soon begins to notice a gauge showing he was losing fluids. Hundreds of gallons of wine, to be exact.

“I’ve listened to thousands and thousands of calls,” Modesto CHP officer Tom Olsen told CBS Sacramento. “This one’s up there in the top 10.”

According to the truck driver, Moreno had unscrewed a valve underneath the truck, as it was traveling north on Highway 99.

The trucking company said the truck lost about 1,000 gallons of red wine, with most of it ending up on Highway 99. To put that into perspective, that is enough to fill about 5,000 bottles of red wine.


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