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Walt Disney World is serving up Red Hot beignets filled with Fireball Whisky

The desserts are Tiana approved and adult loved

How do you take an already sweet treat and make it better? Add a little spice of course.

If you’re like us and you’re not afraid of a little heat, it’s time to try Disney’s newest treat concoction, Baton Rouge Cinna-Hot Beignets.

This seasonal variation on the traditional beignet can be scooped up at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe at Disney World’s Port Orleans French Quarter.

Just walk into the main lobby and turn left. You can't miss it.

The Disney Food Blog reviewed the treats and our tongues are already tingling.

The boozy treats consist of a fresh beignet that is topped with crushed Red Hots and is drizzled with a sauce made from the tiny cinnamon candies.

As if that wasn’t good enough, they’re served with a tube of Fireball Whisky.

Now you’re in control. The whiskey can be injected into the center of your hot fluffy beignet.

Inject a little for an extra kick, or empty the tube to make one sweet and spicy treat.

We gave this hot dessert a try and our mouths are still on fire. If you love cinnamon then these are the treats for you.

We know what your thinking, how much is this smoking-hot dessert going to cost?

An order of two Baton Rouge Cinna-Hot Beignets is just $9.99, making it a perfect dessert to share. Or keep them both for yourself.

If your traveling with kids and they want in on the action, the cafe also serves up nonalcoholic Red Hot Beignets for $2.99. And like most Disney desserts the treats are shaped liked Mickey Mouse.

If cinnamon isn't your thing, you can't go wrong with ordering up a trio of good old fashioned beignets, caked with powder sugar.

The spicy treats are available right now at Scat Cat’s Lounge in Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter for a limited time.

So it’s probably time you book that vacation you’ve been sitting on for weeks because these treats won’t be around forever.



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