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Zoom meetings just got a whole lot more magical thanks to Disney theme park backgrounds

Show off your Disney side during your next work call

Working from home has its perks, you can work in your coziest clothes, you'll have no office distractions and best of all, you get to choose your own custom workspace.

While employees work from home, employers have begun to implement video calls and Zoom meetings to supplement in-person gatherings.

Destinations from all over the globe have shared custom backgrounds to add some spice to your weekly meetings.

The newest backgrounds include Disney theme park locations from all over the world.

Disney has given us tons of options when it comes to choosing a custom background.

It doesn't matter if you choose Epcot, Batuu or the floating mountains of Pandora, odds are, your next Zoom meeting is guaranteed to be magical.


Custom Backgrounds

Once you have chosen your background, save it to your computer and continue to the tutorial below on how to change your default background in Zoom.


How to change your Zoom default background

For those wondering how to change their default background follow the steps outlined in the video below.


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